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Another lesson learnt - keep out of the way of the gear lever if engine still on!

Time to head back to Kilada. We decided we would drop into the bay at the far end of the island, next to the one we had called in on our way out. Also, we thought we would try getting the sails out again, although there was hardly a breath of wind in the air. Well, the main sail was unfurled, speed down to just over 2 knots, it was quickly furled up again, and the speed went up to 5 knots under engine power. The bay was deserted save for an elderly man in a rowing boat putting out a fishing net. We dropped the bow anchor, took bearings and decided it was holding. Time to put the swimming trunks on and go for a swim. Daniel and I went in first while Helen stayed on the boat. After a while I climbed back on board and Helen took to the tender for a row around the bay. All of a sudden I noticed that we were going round in circles! Were we dragging the anchor? I throw out the kedge anchor off the stern and tried to cleat it securely. Don’t panic! A check of the gear level indicates that I must have knocked it out of neutral into forward causing the yacht to swing on the chain. Another lesson learnt; either pass the binnacle on the port side or, better still, switch off the engine…… Everyone back on board we motored back to Kilada. Once in the bay we identified where we were going to moor up and this time, Daniel at the helm, we went straight on to it with no problems. For some reason, I can’t remember why, but the tender was back on the deck and the outboard on the stern guard rail. We needed to get the tender into the water so that we had some way of going to shore. Tender at the ready we started to lower the outboard on to the transom. Oh dear, something had dropped off the outboard plate and into the water. Another time to get the scuba diving gear on, but it could wait until the following day. We all got into the tender and went off to use the facilities at the boatyard. Back on board and, yes you’ve guessed it, more beers and supper.

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