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Buying a yacht couldn't be easier.

I have three brothers who all have had their owns sail boats of varying sizes at one time or another, and a sister living in New Zealand and sailing when time permits. There we are. If they can all sail then there should be no reason why I can’t. I’ve had previous sailing experience. I bought my own dinghy when I was a kid. It was a wooden gaff rigged boat, about 8ft 6in in length I seem to recall. I put it on some pram wheels and, with some friends hauled it up to the River Thames in Molesey. Plan - sail her to Windsor. Very ambitious but then you don't consider the impracticalities when you're 11! Into the water she went and I followed. She was pushed off from the shore and we drifted into the middle of the river. I then stood up to wave to those standing on the shore, intending to set off for wherever. I didn’t get very far, I put my foot through the bottom of the boat, it capsized and I was left swimming, dragging it back to the shore and then taking it back home, where it was ceremoniously burnt. My sailing experiences were then curtailed until I attended university.

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