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Looking to find that yacht.

Now then, having thought long and hard over the prospect of getting back into sailing my mind was thinking as to what type of boat to purchase. What did I want to use it for, where did I intend to sail and did I want to have company. Having travelled quite extensively in recent years I did not want to be restricted to a particular area so it had to be something capable of covering distance at a leisurely pace! Although I do like the cold, I prefer the water to be in crystal form so I could snowboard rather than suffer from hyperthermia, so the ideal location would be somewhere in the med. (That’s the Mediterranean and not the Medway!) I also thought that it would be nice to have company although this might not always be the case. So, something about 12m, with three cabins and two heads, should be easy to find. My older brother had mentioned, in passing, that he was also thinking of buying another yacht so should we consider purchasing together? We got together, mulled it over and thought that it might be a good idea, especially as this would keep the cost down for both of us. At the time I was still working, three days a week, so I had time on my hands to do some research and view any boats that I / we thought had potential.

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