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Sale of Corryvreckan

I put Corryvreckan up for sale some time in September 2021, hoping for a quick sale so that I could purchase my next boat, a catamaran. I had some immediate response but nothing really came of it until I got a call from Simon and Rachel. They were very interested but there was a problem, Simon was rather tall, very tall in fact, and he was concerned that he might not be comfortable on board. He decided to visit a similar yacht down in Southampton and try it 'out for size'. He then got back in contact with me and said it just wasn't right for him and would not go ahead with the purchase. A few days later he had a change of mind and decided that he would actually like to go out to Greece, with me, and view the boat in the raw. Flights and car hire were arranged and off we went. The cabin was suitable for Simon, the saloon was slightly too low and the boom was downright dangerous for him! so an unsuccessful trip out to Greece.

A month later I had another potential purchaser wanting to visit the yacht. Not only visit but also to have it surveyed. His offer was lower than I wanted to accept but I thought that if I did sell it would give me a good amount of time for me to find my 'cat'. He went out to Greece, had the boat surveyed and the report was not what I was expecting. I hadn't noticed that there was a crack in the window on the port side, The bottom of the rudder had been scraped, the gas pipes were due for replacement, the sail drive gaskets were also due to be replaced, but other than those issues, it presented well. However, he didn't think so and pulled out. The broker asked me what I wanted to do and I gave him until the end of January to sell her otherwise I would keep her and sail round the world in her.

Just before the end of January a third and final purchaser was found. A Hungarian went over and viewed the boat, did not have her surveyed but was informed by the broker that I would be carrying out all of the repairs!!! This 'comment' was to cost me close to £5000, but at least the offer that the purchaser had made was significantly higher than the previous one. All I had to do now was to get out to Greece, again, and remove all of my possessions. Fortunately, in the two previous years, due to Covid, I retained a voucher for both the shuttle and the ferry between Ancona and Patras, so the cost of driving down wasn't too expensive.

I was fortunate in having a potential sailing companion, Emilio, living a few miles from the boatyard, so he would come to the boat and help me fill up the car. I would say it's surprising how much you actually store on a boat, but then anyone who knows me (and Helen!!!) knows that each trip out to the boat there is always more taken to the boat than from the boat. In the end my car was full to the gunnels and I had to leave a few items for the benefit of the new owner. Some tools, galley equipment, cleaning equipment, a very nice Honwave tender and a Suzuki outboard engine. I also left my dive gear by the shower block (normal place for items that you want to dispose of) and within an hour someone had snapped up two full sets of equipment. I hasten to add, it all needed servicing, but someone got a 'bargain'.

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